The Thomas Steel Works in Liege-Ougree

 Thomas Steel mill Cockerill-Ougree
With the construction of three new steelworks at the end of the 1950s, the Thomas steel making process (Basic-Bessemer) experienced its technical peak and a final blossoming.
Between May 1958 and August 1959, HADIR in Differdange, Phoenix Rheinrohr in Duisburg and Cockerill-Ougree in Liege commissioned a total of 13 converters with tapping weights between 50 and 70 tons.
All of them had been planned and built by DEMAG in Duisburg.
Plan Thomas Steel Plant Cockerill Ougree
The Thomas steel plant in Liege-Ougree, with its futuristic façade at that time,
will remain the last new construction of its kind in the western world.
Five 56 t Thomas converters and two 1500 t hot metal mixers were put into operation on 4 August 1959 and were supplemented by a 60 t LD-AC converter in 1962.
In December 1975 the Thomas steel works in Liege were shut down.
5 years later the use of the basic bessemer process in the western hemisphere was finally terminated.
Acierie Cockerill Ougree



3 thoughts on “The Thomas Steel Works in Liege-Ougree

  1. OBM Réhon – possibly the most short-lived steel plant ever built. Had the pagoda roof, too.

  2. Are you aware that much of the building and equipment from this Thomas Steel plant at Seraing/Ougree when it closed in 1975 was transferred to Providence, Usine de Réhon and used up until the closure of the Réhon works in 1987.

    Les Forges de la Providence, Usine de Réhon, Lorraine, France

    “…Le locotracteur Cockerill No 2 dans le secteur démoulage des lingots. L’ensemble des voies étroites de l’aciérie était desservi par trois locotracteurs télécommandées, dont un en réserve pour les dépannages. L’aciérie OBM de Réhon a été construite en récupérant à Ougrée le charpente et les ponts roulants d’une aciérie Thomas arrêtée. Egalement récupérés les cars de coulée en lingotières et les locotracteurs. (Fusion 1982/1)…”


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