4/72 Armco Steel Corp., Middletown Plant.

In 1965 there were 237 blast furnaces at 72 locations in the U.S. . This series will briefly introduce all of them.

Armco steel blast furnace

Blast furnace 3

The American Rolling Mill Company (Armco) had it’s main plant in Middletown, Ohio.
Although the plant was built in 1900, a blast furnace was not built there until 1953. Until then, the pig iron was supplied by the nearby Hamilton ironworks.
In 1965 Armco-Middletown operated a 76-oven coke plant built by Wilputte, 1 blast furnace, and 13 open hearth furnaces.
Most steel was finished in Armco’s 80” wide hot strip mill.

Armco blast furnaces, Hamilton, 1965.
Blast furnace 3: Hearth diameter 28’0” (8,53 m)

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