Industrial Photography
Viktor Mácha’s site.
Uwe Niggemeier’s site.
At Facebook
Huib Nederhof’s site.
Holger Schimanke’s Schlagschatten.
Pavel Zubek’s site.
Thomas Imgrund’s site.
Klaus Lipinski’s site.
Industrial photography.
Mike Schultz’s site.
Christian Brünig’s site.
Andy Marland’s View from the north.
Rolf Arno Specht’s Fotorevier.
Tim Edensor’s Industrial ruins.
Martin Vonka’s Fabriky.

Urban Exploration.
Yves Marchand’s Friched.
Henk van Rensbergen’s Abandoned places.
Luc Van Den Bosch’s Lab-Wan.
Geoffrey van Beylen’s Exposed Photography.
Thierry’s Urb-EX.
Jos Gruythuysen’s Studio51.
Elle Dunn’s Contaminationzone.
Belgium urbex site.
Tom’s Opacity.
Daniel Hinze’s Dubtown.
Uryevich’s Abandoned.
Various artists.
Marc Mielzarjewicz’s Mr.Marodes.
Belgium Urbex site.

Dutch industrial heritage site.

Haiko Hebig’s Blog.

Print Media.
Industrial heritage magazine.

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