Mapping The European Iron And Steel Industry.

The maps are supposed to show the vast complexes of the steel industry before they largely disappeared in the steel crises of the 80s and 90s.

Please click on coloured areas for information.

To be continued.

The iron and steel works of France around 1960. On an aerial view from 1960.
The map includes:
Sidelor-Rombas. Sidelor-Homecourt. Sidelor-Auboue. De Wendel-Joeuf. De Wendel-Moyeuvre.
Sidelor,Rombas. Sidelor,Homecourt. Sidelor,Auboue. De Wendel,Joeuf. De Wendel,Moyeuvre.

 In Google Maps.


The iron and steel works of Belgium around 1970. On an aerial view from 1970.
The map includes: Usines Gustave Boel
Usines Gustave Boel, La Louviere.


In Google Maps.


Karte: Klöckner-Werke AG, Hütte Haspe, circa 1965.

Karte Klöckner Hasper Hütte, Hagen

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