Vintage Image #9

Aviles Blast Furnaces

Blast furnaces Carmen (named after Carmen Polo, Franco’s wife), Joaquina, Rosario and Carmen IV in Aviles, Spain. Later called blast furnaces 1-4.
The furnaces were built in between 1957 and 1969 by the public enterprise ENSIDESA (Empresa Nacional Siderúrgica Sociedad Anónima). Hearth diameter was 8,69-8,99 meter.
Furnace 1&2 were shut down in1989 and furnaces 3&4 in the mid 1990ies after the hot metal production was translocated to the newer furnaces in Gijon.
By 2001 all furnaces were dismantled.

Blast Furnaces Aceralia

3 thoughts on “Vintage Image #9

  1. I think is the pair of the right hand, the last two blast furnaces of ENSIDESA in Avilés. If I remember well, both were dismantled and sold to an India factory. The first two were made scrap. What irony, a few years later, Mittal bought all the factory (only in Avilés, a steel works with 11 km long). Thanks to show it, because here the story of ENSIDESA is doomed to oblivion

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