Huta Katowice

Huta Katowice

The steel mill in Dabrowa Gornica, Poland was built in between 1972 and 1976. It was named “Huta Katowice” after the nearby industrial town.
Three blast furnaces were built in between 1976 and 1987 (hearth diameter 12,00 m).
The mill was taken over by the Mittal Steel Corp. in 2003 and got it’s new name ArcelorMittal Dabrowa Gornica in 2007.
Besides the three blast furnaces (No. 1 is permanently idleld) the mill operates a BOF shop containing three BOF vessels, two continuous casters (one for billets and one for slabs) and two rolling mills (Heavy and medium sections).
Dabrowa Gornica provides primary material for all ArcelorMittal sites in Poland.
The attached coke plant was sold to an external company.
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ArcelorMittal Dabrowa Gornica Map

1: Blast furnace No. 1
2: Blast furnace No. 2
3: Blast furnace No. 3
4: BOF shop
5: Continuous caster
6: Heavy sections rolling mill
7: Medium sections rolling mill
8: Power plant

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