800 blast furnaces.

Blast Furnaces of the world
The blast furnace, as one hears from its operators, will soon follow the dinosaurs and disappear.
Therefore, as a by-product of the pandemic time-out, a contribution to its history:
The nearly 800 blast furnaces existing in the western hemisphere (so called “free world”) in 1965.
Corrections are welcome.
But please note that this map refers to the year 1965.

12 thoughts on “800 blast furnaces.

  1. Yes everything will be in China thanks to idiotic global warming policies of usa and eu.

  2. Uwe,
    Byers Pipe Co. had 2 Bessemer Converters in operation in Baden, PA (across the river from Aliquippa)
    until 1968.

  3. My Father lived at LTV and visited home. I love seeing the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Would love to see more.

  4. STELCO (Lake Erie) NATICOKE, Ontario has a Blast Furnace still operating. They are currently doing a “upgrade and reline project” making it one of the first “smart furnaces” in North America ! Completion scheduled, beginning of 10/20 , 300,000 Net Tons annually.

  5. This is a wonderful map and resource. Thank you.

    I believe that the Birmingham/Gadsden portion of the map is accurate. The only consideration is the two Sloss (US Pipe) North Birmingham Furnaces which may have been inactive by 1965 and were razed in the late 60’s I believe.

    Over time, the Birmingham District had 55 blast furnaces.

    Of the ones listed on the map, the latest one to be built was US Pipe North Birmingham, put in blast about 1957. Prior to that would be Woodward No 4, about 1951, and Fairfield No 7, about 1942. After 1965, the only other new furnace in Birmingham was Fairfield No 8, put in blast about 1980 +/- and the last to be razed, about 2015.

    The Sloss (US Pipe/Jim Walters) City Furnaces are now a museum and are preserved pretty well complete.

    Thanks again for the wonderful map.

    John Stewart
    Birmingham, AL

  6. Youngstown Sheet and Tube is now Arcelormittal and 1&2 furnace were torn down 3 furnace is permanently idled and we only run #4 furnace which was built in 1970.
    Inland Steel only has #7 blast furnace.

  7. At Fairfield Works (south) there was a No.8 Blast Furnace which was shut down 2015 and demolished.

  8. You missed L furnace at Sparrows Point, at one time the largest blast furnace in the free world.

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