800 blast furnaces.

Blast Furnaces of the world
The blast furnace, as one hears from its operators, will soon follow the dinosaurs and disappear.
Therefore, as a by-product of the pandemic time-out, a contribution to its history:
The nearly 800 blast furnaces existing in the western hemisphere (so called “free world”) in 1965.
Corrections are welcome.
But please note that this map refers to the year 1965.

7 thoughts on “800 blast furnaces.

  1. My Father lived at LTV and visited home. I love seeing the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Would love to see more.

  2. STELCO (Lake Erie) NATICOKE, Ontario has a Blast Furnace still operating. They are currently doing a “upgrade and reline project” making it one of the first “smart furnaces” in North America ! Completion scheduled, beginning of 10/20 , 300,000 Net Tons annually.

  3. At Fairfield Works (south) there was a No.8 Blast Furnace which was shut down 2015 and demolished.

  4. You missed L furnace at Sparrows Point, at one time the largest blast furnace in the free world.

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