Steelton rail rolling mill

steelton bar mill

The Steelton plant was founded in 1867 by the Pennsylvania Steel Corp.. It was the first mill in the U.S. built exclusivly for the production of steel.Main product were steel rails already.
Three blast furnaces and a Bessemer mill were erected along the Susquehanna river in the late 19th century
In 1917 the mill was taken over by Charles Schwab’s Bethlehem Steel Corp.
The blast furnaces were closed for good in 1960.Steel was produced now by remelting scrap in open hearth furnaces only.
The open hearth furnaces were replaced by electric arc furnaces in 1968.A continuous caster was installed in 1983.
In 2001 the Bethlehem Steel Corporation went bankrupt and was taken over by ISG which later became part of ArcelorMittal.
Today ArcelorMittal operates a 150 ton electric arc furnace, a continuous bloom caster, a 44” blooming mill, a 20” bar mill, and the 38-25” rail mill at Steelton. Large scale ingot teeming  is still done also.
Steelton is one of only three remaining rail producers in U.S. today.

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  1. I have been in the rail salvage business for 35 years and just ran across 2 pcs. Of ISG rail. It was on the UPRR in central TX. I have salvaged rail in most states of the US. First ISG rail I have ever come across. I enjoyed reading your history!

  2. There are 3 The Steelton mill, Evraz in Colorado Springs Co, SDI in Columbia City In

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