Train de 380

Among the most frequently photographed relics of the wallonian steel industry are the, empty, halls of the former light sections rolling mill (Train de 380) of the Soc. Hainaut-Sambre in Charleroi-Montignies.
Nevertheless, there are hardly any pictures of the working plant to be seen. Furthermore, many explanations about the site are wrong or inaccurate.
Therefore here are some additions.
The rolling mill was built by J. Banning AG of Hamm, Germany and installed in 1968/69. Commissioning took place on 29.9.1969.

Roughing stands

The rolling mill consisted of a walking beam furnace, four 2-high roughing stands, 2 x 2 intermediate stands, and four finishing stands (two of these in vertical arrangement).
Downstream, there was a rake-type cooling bed (65 m) and four shears.
The plant was shut down after just 11 years on 8.3.1980.

Under construction

The whereabouts of the rolling mill are unfortunately unknown to me, but a resale seems likely.


Store Steel

The steel works in Store, Slovenia were founded in 1851.In 1875 the mill became part of the Berg- und Hüttenwerk Store and mostly produced casted and forged materials.In 1912 an open hearth steel making shop was installed. In the early 1970ies a new steel mill (60 ton electric arc furnace) and a bar rolling mill where built nearby called Store II. In 1978 open hearth steel making was closed down. In the 1990ies the company was privatized and got it’s new name Store Steel  in 2003.
Main product are steel bars for the automotive industry.
Images on my website now.

82000 KW

TKS Warmbreitband

installed motor capacity makes the ThyssenKrupp hot strip mill in Bochum  the most powerful rolling mill in Germany. Though the mill was already planned in the early 1960ies by the Bochumer Verein steel corporation it wasn’t until 1966, after the takeover by the Fried. Krupp company, that the mill was put into operation.
The mill is capable of rolling even high alloyed speciality steel.
After the closure of the adjacent Nirosta steel mill all primary material now comes from the August Thyssen Hütte in Duisburg.
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Narrow Strip Mill

After more than 10 years I visited my hometown’s unique narrow strip mill again.
Images now at Stahlseite.
The rolling mill in Hohenlimburg, now part of the city of Hagen/Germany, was founded in 1846 and goes back to the old Böing  forge, a descendant of this family later founded the Boing aircraft company in Seattle, USA.
The mill produced wire and later hot strip.
In 1907 the site was taken over by the Hoesch steel company from Dortmund.
In the 20th century numerous cold rolling , wire drawing and steel spring manufacturers were taken over.
In 1955 the new narrow strip mill started it’s production.The Hohenlimburg site was fusioned with Schwerter Profileisenwalzwerke AG in 1969. This rolling mill was sold to the Italian Calvi group in 2005.
The Hohenlimburg plant is now part of ThyssenKrupp Steel.