Natrona, Pennsylvania

A small, former, industrial village on the banks of the Allegheny River.
In the background the remarkable Allegheny Ludlum melt shop from 1966 that hosts a huge 114″ (2,90 meter) hot blast cupola furnace, two 80 ton BOF vessels and three 70 ton induction furnaces.  The cupola furnace  produced up to 65 tons of hot metal per hour and was closed down in the late 1970ies to be replaced by the induction furnaces.
The melt shop was shut down in 2010 and is now demolished.

3 thoughts on “Natrona, Pennsylvania

  1. Allegheny Ludlum merged with Allvac to form Allegheny Technologies. The melt lives on down the hill at the Brackenridge Operations, servicing the new hot mill.

  2. Check out the Bing birds-view. The gas cleaning and exhaust system is well to be seen.
    U.S. Pipe in Bessemer, Alabama have a huge cupola too, good to be seen at Bing as well.

  3. 2,90 meter cupola?? That´s small blast furnace! Never heard about this site. Probably the largest cupola in US?

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