8/72. Bethlehem Steel, Lackawanna

Image shows the Bethlehem Steel Mill in Lackawanna, NY south of Buffalo at the Lake Erie shoreline probably in the late 1960ies.
Foreground shows the 535 coke ovens along the dock, behind are the seven blast furnaces and (right hand side) the open hearth melt shop (35 furnaces).
The background is also attractive:
Right from the centre we can see National Steel’s Hanna Furnaces and far away in the middle Republic Steel’s Buffalo works.

Lackawanna was closed down in 1983.

  • BF A: Ø 21’3” (6,47 m)
  • BF B: Ø 21’3” (6,47 m)
  • BF C: Ø 28’0” (8,53 m)
  • BF F: Ø 26’0” (7,92 m)
  • BF G: Ø 27’0” (8,22 m)
  • BF H: Ø 29’0” (8,83 m)
  • BF J: Ø 29’11” (9,11 m)

1 thought on “8/72. Bethlehem Steel, Lackawanna

  1. I worked A,B,C,F,G,H,J. Furnaces, in 1962 instill 1966, also worked the ore dock ECT. I doubt. Any young would work a double 8 HR. shift on a July day or nite wearing long underware blue jeans a long heavy furnace coat metatarsal shoes hard hat and gogles, O yes a jack hammer breaking up slang after a spill on any of the furnaces mentioned above!!!! If a person has never experienced the furnace floor while. Casting on ABCFGHorJ furnaces they would never forget it!! I’m 76 yrs old and I’m still Talk in bout it. Too bad they R gone
    I still remember my badge number. 520/307

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