Servola Blast Furnace shut down.

Trieste Blast furnaces

Blast furnaces 3&2

Blast furnace 3 of the Trieste, Italy ironworks was shut down on 9.4. . Furnace 2 has been idled since 2009.
The Trieste Ironworks has been producing iron since 1897 and was a company of many names, e.g. :
 Krainische Industrie Gesellschaft,
 Società Altiforni e Acciaierie della Venezia Giulia,
 Attività Industriali Triestine,
 Altiforni e Ferriere di Servola,
Blast furnace 2 was built by DEMAG from Germany in 1963 with a hearth diameter of 5,3 m. Furnace 3 was largely identical in construction. Both were considered to be ultra-modern with their belt charging system and bell-less top.
Servola blast furnaces


Piombino To Close Liquid Phase

Lucchini Piombino
After unsuccessfully trying to sell the former Lucchini steel mill in Piombino, Italy for six month government commissioner Piero Nardi plans to shut down the blast furnace and the steel production for good in September.
The blast furnace with a capacity of 6600 tons/d was built in 1978 (hearth diameter is 10,6 meters) and would have to be relined by now.
The BOF shop contains three 120 ton LBE-CBS(Lance Bubbling Equilibrium – Control Bottom Stirring) type converters.
The remaining rolling mills (rail, bar and wire mill) might be sold individually or to an investor who is willing to invest into a new electric arc melt shop on the Piombino site.
The Piombino mill produces a loss of 10-15 Mio EUR each month.
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