Servola Blast Furnace shut down.

Trieste Blast furnaces

Blast furnaces 3&2

Blast furnace 3 of the Trieste, Italy ironworks was shut down on 9.4. . Furnace 2 has been idled since 2009.
The Trieste Ironworks has been producing iron since 1897 and was a company of many names, e.g. :
 Krainische Industrie Gesellschaft,
 Società Altiforni e Acciaierie della Venezia Giulia,
 Attività Industriali Triestine,
 Altiforni e Ferriere di Servola,
Blast furnace 2 was built by DEMAG from Germany in 1963 with a hearth diameter of 5,3 m. Furnace 3 was largely identical in construction. Both were considered to be ultra-modern with their belt charging system and bell-less top.
Servola blast furnaces