British Steel Ltd.

former Tata Steel, Corus, British Steel Corp., Appleby Frodingham is on the verge of collapse.
Talks with the government on rescuing the steel group failed on Wednesday.
British Steel is owned by private equity group Greybull Capital, main products are rails.
According to Greybull shrinking orders due to Brexit-related issues and  difficult market conditions are to blame for the financial problems.

Blast furnaces Victoria, Anne, Bess and Mary.

Sheffield Steel

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The Little Matlock Rolling Mill in Sheffield, England was built in 1864 then driven by the water power of the Loxley River.
In 1957 an electric motor replaced the water wheel (which is still there).
The mill was later owned by Barworth Flockton Ltd and in 1997 it was taken over by Firth Rixson Ltd.
After a two year closure Pro-Roll Ltd took the site over in 2001 and saved the rolling mill from demolition.
Pro-Roll Ltd today hand rolls bars in small lots and from speciality alloys.

Four Queens

Victoria, Anne, Bess and Mary.
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Tata Steel’s integrated steel plant in Scunthorpe, GB was founded in 1864 under the name Frodingham Iron Works.
Iron was produced from local iron ore deposits since 1865. A Thomas converter steel making shop started it’s production in 1890.
In 1912 Frodingham took over the nearby Appleby Iron Co. (founded in 1874) to form the Appleby Frodingham Steel Co.
This enterprise became part of the United Steel Companies in 1937. In 1939 two new large volume blast furnaces were installed (Mary & Bess). In 1954 Anne and Victoria were added to complete the “Four Queens”.

In 1967 the United Steel Companies became part of the newly founded British Steel Corporation.
The Anchor project (1969-1973), one of the largest investments into the British steel industry ever, brought a new BOF shop, new rolling mills and the Immingham iron ore terminal by the Humber river.
British Steel merged with Koninklijke Hoogovens from the Netherlands to form Corus in 1999. Eigth years later Corus was taken over by the Tata Steel group from India.
Tata Scunthorpe today consists of 4 blast furnaces (three active) a BOF shop containing three 300 ton vessels, a slab caster, a bloom caster and three rolling mills (rails, heavy plate and wire).

Spartan UK

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The heavy plate rolling mill in Gateshead, UK dates back to the former Redheugh Iron and Steel Co founded in 1918. The company rolled plates and sheet and provided welding, steel constructions and engineering. Redheugh Co employed more than 800 people in the 1960ies.
In 1970 the company was taken over by Spartan Steel&Alloys from Sheffield.
In 1975 a new 2,1 meter heavy plate rolling stand was installed.
Spartan Redheugh was absorbed by the Firth holding company in 1988.
In 2001 the Gruppo Malacalza of Italy bought the plant and sold it again in 2008 to the Metinvest group from the Ukraine.