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Walter Hundhausen
The Walter Hundhausen foundry was established in 1914 in Gevelsberg, Germany.
After WWI the company moved 25 km to Schwerte at the eastern edge of the Ruhr area.
In 1928 the production of black heart malleable castings started.
Heavy truck axle components became a main product after WWII.
Walter Hundhausen was taken over by the Hoesch steel company from Dortmund in 1989 and became part of Krupp Hoesch Automotive four years later. 1993 closure of the branch plant in Werdohl.
In 2000 the Walter Hundhausen iron foundry was taken over by the GMH group from Georgsmarienhütte.
A new large 40t/h cupola furnace replaced the old induction furnaces in 2008. The foundry employes more than 600 people.
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Hosch Schwerter Profile Walzwerk

The Hoesch AG based in Dortmund once gave work to 64000 men and women, controlling dozens of subsidiaries. Few members of this steel empire have survived. One of them is the Hoesch Schwerter Profile GmbH.

The steel mill in Schwerte, Germany was founded by the Kissing & Schmöle company from nearby  Menden in 1868 next to the brand new railroad line going from Hagen to Unna.
A melt shop and 5 rolling mills were built.
The Johanneshütte near Siegen, running two blast furnaces, was acquired in 1871 and supplied iron until 1914.
In 1891 the mill was expanded by an open hearth shop, a blooming mill and a wire mill.
In 1926 the steel plant became part of the Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG and was renamed Schwerter Profileisenwalzwerke AG in 1936.
After the war Schwerte became part of the Dortmund-Hörder Hüttenunion (DHHU).
The stamping mill was built in 1957 and from 1962 the new rolling mill no.7 replaced all older mills.
After the fusion of DHHU and Hoesch in 1966 Schwerte joined the Hoesch rolling mills in Hohenlimburg to form the Hoesch Werke Hohenlimburg Schwerte AG.

Vereinigte Stahlwerke AG ; Schwerter Profileisenwalzwerke

The takeover of Hoesch by Krupp in 1992 made the works part of  Friedrich Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp, and in 1999 of the ThyssenKrupp AG.
In 2005 the Calvi holding from Italy purchased the Schwerte plant, now called Hoesch Schwerter Profile GmbH, producing 70000 tons of special profiles per year and employing a staff of 530.

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