Sheet Rolling Mill

Sheet metal has been rolled at the Siegen-Geisweid site since 1846.
VDM-Metals GmbH’s current quarto plate rolling mill was commissioned in 1977 by Stahlwerke S├╝dwestfalen.
For this purpose, a DEMAG cold rolling stand dating from 1954 was converted into a hot rolling mill.
After a fracture in the roll stand the SMS Group replaced it with a new 2.7 m four-high stand in 2013. The drives were taken over.
In Siegen, VDM-Metals rolls high-alloy speciality steels which are mainly produced in ingot casting in Unna and rolled into slabs in Duisburg.
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Roller Capital

Though the blast furnaces are long gone, the town of Siegen in Germany is still the capital of roller production. Five foundries still cast rollers for the steel industry, paper mills and other industries.
One of them is the Karl Buch roller foundry.
The company was founded in 1855 by Karl Buch and is located in Siegen- Weidenau since 1867.
The foundry produced alloyed rollers since 1920. In 1955 the cupola furnaces were replaced by modern electric furnaces.
Since 1984 a vertical centrifugal caster for rolls up to 60 tons is in use.
Today rollers up 85 tons can be casted statically.
The foundry is still owned by the Buch family.
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